breaking it down- Plan C and the Vampire Castle.

by itisiwhowillit

Let me get this straight from the outset: I am a proud inhabitant of the vampire castle. I suck the lifeforce of the left to feed my ego and nourish the irrelevant intelligentsia I call my fellow vampires. I am middle class, I have always been middle class, and I will always be middle class, I regularly use words like ‘globalised postmodern simulacrative constellation of capital’ because I’m so damned middle class, and I like to use the words I learned in private school.

Except, I’m not. I’m a poor, disabled women from a mining family in South Yorkshire. I went to a state school that no longer exists and was in the lowest achieving group in the country. People went there with weapons. I have no money, and currently, I have no home, and am relying on the generosity of friends to help me get by (who said the left wasn’t generous, huh?).

Oh, and I’m disabling the comments on this blog because my blog isn’t a fucking democracy and I don’t actually have to listen to your inevitable misogynistic abuse.

So, Plan C, you wanted to call your magazine Trigger. That’s cool. Or not.

Should we call it ‘Trigger’?


Those opposing the name Trigger were concerned that it would be read as critique, satire or even mockery, of the ‘trigger warning’ practice. They were right. They were concerned that this would be needlessly inflammatory and uncomradely. Plan C has not previously entered into the debate around trigger warnings and the wider politics associated with it, and has had no internal discussions about it. we don’t care about it. There are differences of opinion on it within the group. We’re not a boring homogenous group of white men, honest. They were therefore concerned that the name Trigger could cause tension both within the group and with people outside it. Particular discomfort was felt by some about the name Trigger’s potential to be seen as mocking.


Some people did not agree that Trigger was likely to be read as satirical or mocking. They were wrong. How the hell do these people magically know what others think? Time travel? Telepathy? Someone call Mulder. Others disagreed, and were sure that it would. Several people recounted friends taking the magazine name to be a satire on trigger warnings, and suggested this would unfortunately be a widespread interpretation, regardless of our intentions. It was noted that the movement we currently find ourselves in is not generous Do we have to be generous? Are you generous with the rich? Why are we allowed to kill the rich and eat the rich, but not be pissy with ableists? Is it because, in the eyes of Plan C, disability is secondary to class? Is it because you either fail to understand or willingly ignore the ways in which capital and disability intersect? How those affected most by austerity are disabled? How those both physically and mentally disabled struggle to enter political spaces for fear of mockery, ignorance, or maybe not even being able to physically get into your building? How about the ways in which oppression related trauma and disability intersect? The PTSD survivors are left with? The fear of leaving his home a young man of colour experiences? Those who do not allow us space to organise around our trauma in a way that makes us safe and able to be counted are our enemies, just as the rich are our enemies. You deserve nothing short of our contempt until you change this, does not always take things in the spirit in which they were intended sadly, intention doesn’t matter bro. Your good intentions won’t stop my panic attacks, take me off medication, or gain my trust, and has tendencies to moralistic policing by invoking policing, you make us the powerful. We are not the powerful, and this is precisely the point. We are not policing  you, we are defending ourselves. And, whilst it’s in your own interests as individuals to make martyrs of yourself, to tell the left that you’re fighting the parasites, we all know this isn’t true.. Though there was a great deal of discomfort in the feeling that we were being cowardly and pandering to these tendencies Again, invoking power dynamics that simply do not exist. Implying that survivors and those with trauma are on top is total nonsense- total nonsense that removes the impact of the experiences that so often debilitate us which we are strongly opposed to, there was also concern that, regardless of the politics involved, it would not go well for us if we called the magazine Trigger. The point was made that we should look to confront these problems at some point, as it is crippling the left What left? Feminists haven’t recently come along and changed everything- the left has always been fractured, and this is a good thing, as it allows for fluidity and learning. If we were a homogenous bunch, we’d achieve jack shit. and creating a poisonous For the love of God, drop this fucking rhetoric. We are humans, we are not poisonous parasites atmosphere for organising. This met with wide and heartfelt agreement. It felt to some like we were making a retrogressive, pragmatic decision rather than engaging with a substantial political problem. Now, I don’t mean to be rude, but I think you might be overstating how important the name of your magazine is. If you want to engage in this issue- engage with it. Talk to us rather than at and past us. Consider our histories, our current situtations, and our oppressions. Empathise with us. We are angry because you are oppressing us.

It was noted there has not been enough respect to the time and energy that went into choosing the name, and that this problem arose several months later than it should have. lol.