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Month: July, 2013

My thoughts on Leslie Cannold running for senate alongside Assange.

She’s a dick.


EDL, rape threats, pseudo-feminism and obvious sexual inadequacy.

Trigger warning: rape, racism, misogyny, sexual assault, child abuse. Last night I tweeted the #AskTommyRobinson hashtag ‘are you going to deport the convicted abusers of women and paedophiles who are paid up members of the EDL’.


Naturally, I received a barrage of abuse from EDL supporters. Typical threats and slurs: ┬árug muncher, soap dodger, bigot, authoritarian, feminism is sexism, sheeple… you know the score.

One darling twitter member (@DowHeater feel free to tweet them) made the point that EDL are not a membership organisation. True, but they have donors. Donors who are convicted of child abuse and abuse of women (and obviously racially motivated attack after racially motivated attack).

EDL never pretend to be a champion of black* rights, so it’s not at all surprising that their donors are convicted of stabbing, beating and verbally abusing people of colour, especially those they perceive to be Muslim. However, a lot of EDL support rests on the lie that Islam is bad for women, and that British (read: not Muslim) people are champions of women’s rights. So, obviously, I was *completely* shocked to receive sexist abuse from their supporters.

One man told me a needed a good ‘seeing to’ as he’d never met a feminist who hadn’t been ‘sorted’ that way.
















I’d actually imagine that nobody has ever decided that they’re not a feminist after some mind-blowing sex, but I also imagine this man isn’t that good in bed anyway. I asked him why I needed a seeing to, and who was going to provide that service. I said if it’s you, I’m not consenting, so are you actually threatening to rape me? Because, when you’re told you need to be ‘sorted out’ or ‘seen to’ with sex, what they’re actually talking about is correctional rape. They genuinely think that correctional rape will ‘solve’ the problem of feminists. Because, if you’re raped, your ideas about patriarchy and the control of non-cis men will be obliterated.

This man also said that the only people who couldn’t be ‘seen to’ with a good shag are ‘rug munchers’. It seems he’s tried and tested it, so that puts him in with all the misogynists who use correctional rape as a ‘cure’ for lesbianity. Presumably, this man thinks lesbians can’t be sorted with a good ‘seeing’ to because of the power of penetration (I’m not sure if you didn’t know, but lesbians definitely never penetrate each other with anything, most certainly not their hands or strap-ons). So, I’m led to wonder what a pitiful sex-life his partner(s) have, if they’re just repeatedly dicked. Tongues and hands and objects and toys can never be any fun at all. Repeated penetration with a godly phallus is the only way.

I was then told that perhaps my issue was that I hadn’t had a good dicking, but that I’d been abused by my father. Because joking to women about incest (a very harsh and traumatising reality for many women) is going to get them on board. Also, I’m assuming that the man (this one’s called @Rebel_Rock_On if you’d like to tweet him) assumes my father isn’t Muslim, and so incest happens in non-Muslim communities (who’da thunkit?). When white men are perpetrators of violent abuse of women and children, it’s a joke. ha ha ha. When Muslim (or you know, just brown) men are perpetrators of violent abuse of women and children, it’s inherent to their skin colour and their religion. They are lower than scum. They are not allowed to be in our glorious country.







But actually, an organisation that is crawling with abusers of women and children (and let’s face it, non-heterosexual, non-cis women especially), that makes jokes about sandwiches, correctional rape and child molestation doesn’t really have women’s interests at heart. It’s imperative that the mainstream media debunk the myth of islam as misogynist, white as feminist, and do not allow women’s rights to be used to divide and segregate us women.

Women’s rights have a strong tradition of being used to fuel Islamophobia. George Bush talked of ‘respect for women’ and the evils of Muslim female dress in order to justify the invasion of Afghanistan. Obviously, it was our moral imperative to spread democracy and feminism. Richard Dawkins isn’t alone in using treatement of women in places like Saudi Arabia to spread dogmatic atheism and islamophobia. Femen aren’t the only women in the world judging, abusing and demonisation women who wear the hijab, niqab or burqa and telling them that they are bad for women.

None of this is a surprise to people who understand scapegoating, but it’s an analysis that’s lacking in many people who are swept up into a moral panic about Muslim ‘pedo rings’ and stonings and FGM. We need to be making a bigger deal about the number of EDL members convicted of this shit, and it needs to start happening soon, before women’s rights are used to excuse another fucking genocide.