Brendan O’Neill and the feminist left’s lack of ‘ambition’

by itisiwhowillit

Brendan O’Neill, professional blogger and troll wrote today that feminism was bringing about the death of the radical left (by which he of course means the SWP, Wikileaks and Respect, well-known bastions of radicalism). 

In short, the old Socialistic worldview was just too darn cocky, too ambitious, too keen on exploiting nature’s resources to create a world of plenty, and thus it needed to be put in its place by the more caring, apparently mumsy creed of feminism. This, fundamentally, is what the feministic finishing-off of various radical left groups represents: the downsizing of the left imagination to make it fit better with the petty obsessions and humourless authoritarianism of today’s inward-looking politics of identity.


Thanks for that, Brendan. I’m just a little confused about the whole, lack of imagination and ‘downsizing’ thing. Brendan’s revolution clearly consists of George Galloway stood on a platform wanking furiously over a photograph of Assange’s face whilst Tony Benn whispers sweet nothings from the Socialist Worker into his ear. AMBITION!!!11!oneone!!1!

I don’t think that O’Neill is unthinking, I think he’s actively a bigot. One more whyte manz who wants to do the socialismz because he went to a good university and read about Kronstadt on Wikipedia so understands struggle. When he tells intersectional feminists that we lack ambition, he’s just mud-slinging. He’s intimidated, as are most pricks in the bourgeois media (and actually many left circles) and terrified of losing his privileges.

My revolution consists of those who are oppressed fighting however they deem appropriate, and educating those of us who have privilege. It also consists of us who have privilege educating ourselves and self-monitoring our behaviour. Until people are at a place where they have the ideas and world understanding that is required for intersectionality to work, we might need to be ‘authoritarian’. I’ve been told (exclusively by white men) that Safe Space is authoritarian. I’ve been told No Platform is authoritarian. Ah, the cries of the oppressed white man ‘STOP CONTROLLING MY THOUGHTS AND MY BEHAVIOURS I AM AN AUTONOMOUS BEING AND MY AUTONOMY SUPERVENES YOURS NOW SHUT UP AND LET ME OPPRESS YOU PLEASE I HAVE THE RIGHT TO OPPRESS YOU YOU BLOODY AUTHORITARIAN FEMINIST’ or something like that.

We do not lack imagination, we do not lack ambition. We are not authoritarian. We wish to bring about a world in which the oppressive structures we have created no longer exist. We believe socialism is not possible whilst women, black* people, LGBT*Q people and disabled people are sidelined. Brendan’s the only prick without ambition here.

So, combabes- let us go forth into our ‘divisive’, ‘authoritarian’, ‘lack-lustre’, ‘obsessive’, victimhood of a revolution cos my god do we kick ass. My revolution will be intersectional, or it will be bullshit. 

ps- kill teh menz.