my Dick of the Year 2011 nomination

by itisiwhowillit

Okay, so I’m breaking the rules a little bit and nominating 3 people, not 1 as Dick of the Year. But I just couldn’t choose who I hated the most.

There are a lot of people (myself most definitely included) who think that women are under-represented in Parliament, and that some new female faces might change things and mitigate neoliberal rule. I mean, if anyone loses under neoliberal bullshit- it’s women.

Anyway, so how fantastic is it that there are three high-flying and respected women in the current cabinet? Not at all. Cue Theresa May, Nadine Dorries and Louise Mensch for their remarkable dedicatation to anti-women, to bigotry and to bullshit. I could write an essay of why each one of them is a poor excuse of a human-being, but instead I’ll just list their controversies and hope they provide enough evidence for them to be hailed Dick of the Year. (Also, what do you win? If it’s an arsenic filled 3 course lunch, that’d be awesome.)

Theresa May wants The Human Rights Act abolished, stating “I see it, here in the Home Office, particularly, the sort of problems we have in being unable to deport people who perhaps are terrorist suspects.” because, y’know, EVERYONE is a terrorist so we shouldn’t have human rights. Also, PERHAPS are SUSPECTS- is that even worth being deported? Oh, she’s also scrapping The Socio-economic duty legislation Harriet Harman wrote up (admittedly, it’s shite, but better than nothing). What a wonderful thing for the Minister for Women and Equality to do… scrap a bill to put socio-economic INequality on the agenda. Well done. Oh, and just today she came out against The Guardian/LSE study on the riots with the same old “thugs- pure and simple” bullshit. She has obviously spent a few months collecting data, interviewing those involved and establishing a tangible reason for the riots, and so is best placed to speak… not the journalists who went out there and spoke to people, or the academics who have spent their lives dedicated to such studies. What do they know? Theresa May and her bigoted conjecture can go fuck right off.

Nadine Dorries spearheaded the victim-blaming, slut-shaming bullshit of “learn how to say no”- a class in abstinency for young girls, because, you know, it’s our own fault if we’re coerced into sex. Not our rapist or anything. I’m not even going to write anything further, because it’s just such fucking common sense; if you disagree, well then, I’m afraid you’re also on my Dick of the Year 2011 nomination list. (By the way, this bill is set to come back to The Commons in 2011, so if she wins, we could send her a letter of encouragement).

Louise Mensch is spot on every time, if what you’re looking for is an arrogant hypocrite. A party animal, she’s openly admitted (with a disgusting air of pride) to taking “all sorts of substances” and having a rock n’ roll lifestyle. But you can do that when you’re the daughter of generations of oxford-going snobs. And, under her pen name “Louise Bagshawe” she provides vomit-worthy “chick-lit” *shudders* to millions of poor women. And the indoctrination process continues…

So yeah, I’m nominating these three-women for completely and utterly destroying any hope women had of being fairly represented under Tory rule. And for being dicks in general. Dicks.